L.A.M.B Private Sale


One of my long time favorite brands, L.A.M.B had a private sale on Friday, and I was lucky enough to have the invite forwarded to me by a good friends, and fellow L.A.M.B fan. This is the 4th or 5th lamb sample sale I’ve attended since moving to New York in 2006. And as always, it did not disappoint! The majority of the current season was available in all sizes, plus some deeply discounted “irregular” items from the past few seasons. And a few treasures from as far back as the very first season of L.A.M.B, such as the rasta print” bum flap” of Spring 2004!

I found my one “must have” item, the Doti Dress, for $100 instead of $295!

photo Saks Fifth Avenue


I also grabbed a white “baby elephant” hoodie for a friend in California, and two tanks:


(Second tank not pictured, due to my inability to keep things wrinkle free after one day.)

I managed to snap a few camera phone pics of the racks, and a shot of the price list:




Special thanks to Casey at L.A.M.B for always being so nice and helpful at the sample sales! It’s always a such pleasure chatting with her, and even better when she gives a special shout out to Tenacity, a boutique my friend Erica runs in the Chicago area that always stocks a TON of lamb.


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