The night you’ve been thirsting for is finally here!


I’ve been waiting for season two since last summer! It feels like ages ago that I first saw the un-aired pilot version (missing scenes and all!) of True Blood and fell in love with the show. I’m so impatient, I actually just called and ordered HBO so I can see the show at the premiere time tonight, and not have to wait a day or two for downloads.

Eric is one of my favorite characters, and after book 2 “Living Dead in Dallas” he starts to have a larger presence in Sookie’s life. So I can’t wait to see how they incorporate his character into the various storylines. I find him much more interesting than Bill. And his sidekick Pam is so bitchy, it’s hilarious.

Photobucket Such a hottie!

I’ve loved Anna ever since “The Piano” came out!

Even though I (sadly) know his fate in the books, I can’t wait to find out if Alan Ball sticks closely to the storyline and does away with Lafayette.


*So Excited!*

Check out these awesome True Blood themed cupcakes I found on Flickr (via the trending topics on Twitter):





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