I’ve been looking and looking for the past few months trying to rediscover the seller of awesome “necklace scarves” I saw on a since forgotten blog post. I regretted not bookmarking the site, and was angry I’d been unable to locate it again. Until today, when I stumbled upon Necklush featured on the blog Modish. Different blog, same scarves!


I’m a big scarf junkie, and absolutely love the drapey stringy quality of the necklush scarves. They combine the looks of scarf and necklace perfectly! I’m considering ordering one asap even though it’s not really the right time of year for scarves. But with the way the NYC weather has been lately, they could come in handy! At $40-$65, for various sizes, they aren’t that bad.

They come in a ton of colors, and the necklush Etsy site even has examples of the various ways you can style your necklush: “Our Necklush™ apparel is designed to keep you warm while looking cool. Our pieces are very stylish and free, allowing you to be creative with your individual look. These free-form cut cotton loops are multifunctional too, you can use your Necklush as a necklace or scarf or possibly a headband.”

You can purchase them on the Necklush official site, or on Etsy!


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