Rain Rain, Go Away

This whole “rain every day” in new york thing is getting really old, really fast. We’ve had two weeks of horrible weather! This summer has been pretty un-summery to begin with. I’m bummed out that we’re not enjoying nicer weather, because I really wanted to get back in to shooting some street fashion. (And I’m looking forward to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade on Saturday. Another event I expect to capture some amazing photographs at.)

Back in my days as photo assistant at now defunct Page Six Magazine, I also worked as a street style photographer during fashion week, documenting the outfits of attendees. I’m hoping my newly acquired “free time” continues up to this fall’s shows, so I can do it once again.

Some of my favorite outtakes from the Fall of 2007 (Spring 2008 fashion week):

Agyness Deyn

We accidentally ran into Agyness outside of Bryant Park, traveling between shows. She was extremely accommodating, and very down to earth when I took her photo and my editor interviewed her. We also had a chance to speak to her adorable mother, and I believe her cousin from the UK, who were attending their first fashion week with Agyness. I regret not taking a photo of her mother, who was beyond sweet.

Carine Roitfeld (in Balenciaga) told us about her days as a muse for YSL. She was also very nice, and very humorous!

Carine Roitfeld

Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl:

Taylor Momsen

Taylor was very gracious, and very excited to be attending her first fashion week. At 14!!! She and her mother remembered me, and stopped to say hello. I’d spent the previous day on set with the female stars of Gossip Girl, as they were the cover stars of Page Six’s inaugural issue. All 3 of the leads were a pleasure to work with, but wise beyond her years Taylor was definitely my favorite.


Simon Doonan:
There are literally no words I can say about this amazing man that haven’t already been said. So check out his awesome outfit:

Simon Doonan

All Photos by Rachel Scroggins ®2007


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