The Best of What’s Happening This Week:

While I may be spending most of this week consuming mass quantities of delicious food and sweets on psuedo-vacation with visiting family members, there are still a lot of awesome events and happenings going on, including a fantastic lineup of movie and television show filming!

HBO’s new Martin Scorcese produced series “Boardwalk Empire” is filming its pilot mere blocks away from my apt today. I’m half tempted to walk over there and stalk look for Michael Pitt.

Fan girl obsession Robert Pattinson is in town filming “Remember Me” with Claire from LOST Emilie De Ravin, in case you were somehow not yet aware. Photobucket

One of my favorite actresses, Rachel McAdams is also here, filming “Morning Glory“, alongside two of my mother’s favorites: Harrison Ford, and Diane Keaton.

Fringe’s production may have sadly moved to Vancouver (barring any potential Joshua Jackson sightings), but there are ALWAYS movies filming in the city, and filming for many fall TV shows starts soon –including Gossip Girl in about two week! This is just a small sampling of the best of this week’s shoots. A daily guide to what’s filming in NYC can be found here: On Location Vacations and here: Filming in Brooklyn.


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