Home Sweet Home

The view from my parent’s living room. I’m sooo buying a pirate flag to hang on that flag pole…

After my parent’s house burned down back in February, they started renting a house a few blocks away on the beach. While this house will never really feel like “home” to any of us, and is too empty and void of memories for any of our liking, it definitely has it’s perks. I think if you have to lose everything, it doesn’t hurt to be living on the beach while you’re trying to rebuild your life.

I’m home for the next week and a half for the 4th of July holiday, and to attempt one last search through the old house before they tear it down. We’re having a huge friends and family BBQ on the 4th, along with attending the town’s annual sand castle contest with my cousin, and watching the firework show at night. I plan on spending the next week swimming and biking as much as possible, taking day trips to Chicago, working on my Etsy store, experimenting with my Blackbird Fly camera, and drinking a lot of the best ever homemade sangria.

It’s due to storm tonight and tomorrow, but I already went for my first swim this afternoon! I’ll be spending as much time down on the beach as possible this week. Preferably with my dog.



I love the Indiana Dunes. You can just barely make out the Chicago skyline

in the center of this photo.




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