Love It: Accessories

Still getting the kinks worked out on this blog, but one section I’d like to feature every week is a collection of my favorite links. I spent a lot of time scouring the web for inspiring images, sites, and items to buy. So to start things off, here are some of my favorite accessory sellers on Etsy at the moment:

Hair Bows and Headpieces at Tour De Force (via Kingdom of Style)

Puff Bow £119.00

The Flutter Headpiece £159.00

Fringe Earrings and Necklaces, Homemade Leggings, and *AMAZING* Harnesses at NorwegianWood, (another Kingdom of Style featured shop).

Elastic Harness Photobucket

Maximum Fringe Necklace


Jewelry made of sea glass at Sea Finds Designs (via I Heart Daily)

Peaceful Sea Glass Necklace


Swirling Waters Locket Necklace, $23


Flower Hair Clips at The Bean and the Sprout starting at $15.


Jewelry by Ardent 1:

Daisy Lace Ring

Seahorse Ring

Both Rings, $75.


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