The Ann Demeulemeester Knockoffs Strike Again

The latest Ann D “corset boot” knockoffs just popped up on Free People’s web site for $198, $450 cheaper than the originals.



One major difference this time around–unlike the oiginals, and even “inspired” Jeffrey Campbell versions, the boots are suede, not leather. They’re definitely a nice alternative to the real thing, but I’d prefer owning them in leather. If anyone knows where I can locate an inexpensive version of the sold out flats, please comment with the info here! This style is almost on the brink of being overplayed, but I absolutely adore it, and am lusting over the flat boot version (since I can no longer wear heels).

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4 thoughts on “The Ann Demeulemeester Knockoffs Strike Again

  1. Jane should have made the a knockoff version of the flats for her UO collaboration instead of the ones she did. I surprised somebody hasn’t tackled them yet..Bakers, anyone?


    • Definitely! I really don’t like the shoes Jane made, I expected a lot more. Supposedly Jeffrey Campbell did knock the flats off as well. But I’ve been unable to find them. I don’t think they’re as popular as the heeled boot…


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