Fly, Blackbird Fly

Back in January, I purchased a Superheadz Blackbird Fly camera. One roll of film made it through the camera, but when it came time to rewind the film I didn’t follow the full directions, and accidentally exposed it! I’ve been anxiously waiting to try it out again and see the end results. Today I got back the first three rolls I shot last week when I took visiting family members to Coney Island. I have to say, I’m in love!

The effect is very similar to lomo and holga cameras, but with less light leaks.

There are 3 different ways to take photos, seen here in this illustration from Holga Magic


I took half the photos with a mask on, and half with out. Unfortunately, the local developing place I went to couldn’t figure out how to print the photos with sprockets on their machine. So I’ll be having the best shots reprinted once I return to NYC next week. Here are some of my favorites:

Bella Beach 1

Mystic 1
Tall ship in Mystic, CT

Coney Beach 4 '09
Coney Island

Coney Double '09

Wonder Wheel Double Exposure

With the 24×24 mask:

Coney Wonder Wheel '09
Wonder Wheel

Coney Games '09

Watergun Game

Coney Shoot the Freak '09
Shoot the Freak

See more at my Flickr


4 thoughts on “Fly, Blackbird Fly

  1. I have a Holga, but alas, I have to send off the film for development. But it is all part of the fun, the waiting.
    Your pictures are really well shot and the colors are very vivid.
    One of my dogs is named Bella. She is a camera ham.


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