Gossip Girl Set Report: #2

Michelle Trachtenberg 4

After seeing yesterday’s paparazzi photos of nearly the entire Gossip Girl cast on location at Sotheby’s, I decided to try my luck once again at scoping out the set. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather and/or completion all of the outdoor scenes Wednesday, they were not filming when I arrived. I met some younger fans who let me know that Matthew Settle and Penn Badgley had passed them on their way to lunch, and should be returning any minute. So I decided to hold out. After about a half hour Jessica Szohr appeared, and stopped to chat with myself and the 4 other fans waiting outside of Sotheby’s. She posed for a few photos and kindly asked how we were before heading back inside to resume filming.

Jessica Szohr 2

Next Penn came by, but after being asked to snap photos told his fans that “if you wait long enough I might come back out”. The 4 teenage girls waiting were not impressed. Penn/Dan is definitely not on my favorite gossip girl characters list after witnessing him dissing his fans not once, but twice in the same week. The first time was excusable, considering the size of the crowd. But to not stop for photos with four fans made him seem a little too good for them. (Edit: I’d like to clarify for all the angry Penn Badgley fan girls: no one was screaming his name, or yelling, or chasing. He was nicely asked to pose for photos with 4 fans, and declined. He did chat with us, but refused to stop. He didn’t seem to be running late either, as the other cast returned to set 10+ minutes after he did.) I guess I should feel lucky he looked me in the eye this time when I spoke. I’ve got news for you buddy: you’re no Ed Westwick!

Penn Badgley 2

One bad apple didn’t ruin the bunch however, as soon Michelle Trachtenberg appeared, followed closely by Matthew Settle– AKA Rufus Humphrey (who you can see behind Michelle in the photos). They were both too busy to stop, but Matthew said hi, and seemed happy to be acknowledged. Michelle just seemed sort of scared, and tried to hide behind her book after noticing me shooting photos. Sadly, she’s usually very standoffish, and never that friendly anyway. I didn’t catch any of the other lead characters, but was so giddy after meeting Jessica Szohr, I didn’t care. I will admit it: I’m a 27 year old fan girl of a show about teenagers. But I’m not the first, and I’m sure I won’t be the last.

If you’d like to catch the cast filming this week, according to On Location Vacations : Gossip Girl is filming at Sotheby’s (72nd and York, NYC) again Friday July 24th. They may be doing more exteriors in the afternoon.

Gossip Girl

See more photos after the jump!

Rufus Humphrey’s awesome hair:

Matthew Settle

Michelle “Hiding”:
Michelle Trachtenberg 5

Matthew walking right behind Michelle:

Michelle Trachtenberg 3

Michelle Trachtenberg 2

Michelle Trachtenberg 1

Penn Badgley 1

Jessica Szohr 4

Jessica Szohr 3

Jessica Szohr 1

The crowd of extras returning to set:
Turns out these are just Sotheby’s interns! But they look like they’d fit in on Gossip Girl. : )



11 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Set Report: #2

  1. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I always hear kind of rude things about Penn, which is too bad. But I’m pleased that Jessica is so nice. She’s my favorite of the girls.


    • I’m not saying he never takes photos with fans. I’ve just heard of a lot of people having similar experiences with him. And he was somewhat rude both times I encountered him. Even though the girls asked nicely, and were calm, and not screaming his name or anything he told them to wait longer.

      I’ve met people 100x more famous who are much more appreciative of their fans.


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