Dirty Pretty Things Vintage Event


Before the never-ending thunderstorms rolled in this afternoon, I hit up the Dirty Pretty Things pop up sale in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

When I first walked in, I didn’t think I was going to find anything I liked. There was the usual mix of vintage shoes and dresses, with a focus on re-surfaced 80’s trends that just didn’t appeal to me. But then I noticed the “more out back” sign, and struck gold!


There were half a dozen more sellers in the back room, with the best being run by Donna Land Vintage. Donna travels across the USA buying and selling vintage clothing and accessories. Her well edited booth was the star of the show! Racks of well priced gorgeous dresses, and tables of shoes and jewelry from the 1900’s-1990’s covered the entire back half of the event space. All of Donna’s wares were 50% off! I scored two gorgeous rings for $30, while my friend Mollie picked up a ring, and a pair of amazing roulette wheel cufflinks for $45.

It might have been a bit out of the way, but the DPT pop up was definitely worth making the trek. Here’s to hoping for more Dirty Pretty Things events in the future!

I’ll be paying Donna Land a visit once again at the Brimfield Antique Show (the world’s largest seasonal antique show) September 8-13th! She’ll be one of the many vintage dealers selling at the show!

View photos of the cufflinks, and more after the jump.

A DJ spun great music to shop to:

Back room:


We ran into some friends scoping out the sale!


Mollie’s cufflinks!

More Donna Land:

Mollie checking out Donna’s jewelry:

Vintage Scarves:


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