Skins Series 3, BBC America Premiere Tonight

Skins is a BAFTA award winning show centered around nine teenagers growing up in Bristol, England.

The first two series (AKA seasons) centered around a separate group of teenagers, with only one minor character, the younger sister of series 1&2 character Tony Stonem, carrying on in series 3.

Effy Stonem

Skins may at times be totally over the top, it still manages to realistically cover issues such as drug use, immigration, gay teens, alcoholism, sex, mental illness, and eating disorders.

This is one of my favorite shows on television, and while somewhat changed for BBC (compared to it’s original un-censored, un-subtitled airing on E4 in the UK) its still worth watching to tide yourself over until Series 4 premieres next year.

Skins series 3 premiers tonight at 9pm/8pm central on BBC America.

Series 3 trailer


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