Coming Soon:

hilary duff,gossip girl



8 thoughts on “Coming Soon:

    • Hey did that girl from the gossip girl set email you the photo of me and that Chris Riggi guy? I finally emailed her about it and she said she sent it to you and then deleted it! If you have it can you email it to me please?!?! Thanks! : )


  1. Hey Rachel,

    Sorry you didn’t make it today to Gramercy Park to get more photos. They booted us from “our spot” where we sat yesterday. I love the photos you got of Hillary Duff. You take AMAZING photos girl.
    Also, Ugly Betty was over near the “Shake Shack” today. Out in the hot sun filming. I stayed 5 minutes and left.

    Anyway, GTR. Take care and hope to hear from you. You’ve got a great blog.


    • Glad you made it back the next day! I ended up being too busy. Thanks for such sweet compliments! It means a lot that you like the blog and photos. I still need to check out Ugly Betty one day. Let me know next time you’re going to the GG set! hahah.


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