Housing Works Thrift Shop’s Editor’s Choice Event

Last night, I attended Housing Works Tribeca’s Editor’s Choice event with fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, Allure Fashion Director Michael Carl, and designer Shoshanna Gruss.

charlotte ronson

The event was pretty informal: shoppers roamed the two level store, while wine and snacks were passed out by staff. I only saw one tiny rack of items from Charlotte and Shoshanna’s clothing lines. After about 30 minutes, Charlotte, Michael, and Shoshanna appeared, and were instantly mobbed by photographers. There seemed to be more photographer’s in the narrow store than shoppers, which was a bit overwhelming. The paparazzi snapped a few rounds of shots, and then the hosts went back to mingling. I managed to get a photo with Charlotte and Michael, who were both very obliging.

charlotte ronson shoshanna russ

charlotte ronson,shoshanna russ

I kept waiting for some sort of official presentation or announcement from the store’s staff: the event description mentioned the hosts would be there doling out style advice to shoppers. But after their brief appearance and photo-op, Shoshanna and Charlotte left. I had a good time, and enjoyed meeting the hosts, but the PAPER Magazine x Housing Works party I attended at the Gramercy Park store last month seemed to be better organized, with a very clear objective.

It was fun meeting Michael and the designers, and think it’s great that Housing Works keeps putting on events like this. The Tribeca Thrift Shop location was beautiful, and I’ll be going back to shop and check it out again when it’s a little bit less crowded.

charlotte ronson

charlotte ronson


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