Brimfield Antique and Flea Market Show


Right in the middle of New York Fashion week is another event I’ve been looking forward to all year: The Brimfield Flea Markets! Brimfield, held three times a year, is one of America’s largest antique shows and flea markets. with 5,000 dealers in 21 different fields! The show runs September 8-13th, and features everything from vintage clothing, to jewelry, to art, to furniture. There is even an antique car show!

I’ll be in the middle of covering NYFW, but am taking a short weekend trip to Brimfield on Saturday to hunt for some flea market deals! I missed out on this year’s 2 previous shows. So next week is going to be a VERY busy time for me. I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep the entire month of September!

If you’re nearby or a huge fan of antique clothing, there is also a vintage textiles show on September 7th, which Tinsel Trading will be attending!

Photo via the Brimfield Exchange

What are your favorite flea markets? Ever been to Brimfield?


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