Midwestern Vintage

Last week, I spent some time at my parent’s house in Northwest Indiana. I wanted to enjoy the last few days of Lake Michigan beach weather, and check out some thrift stores (which were much cheaper than their nyc counterparts). I ended up totally hitting the jackpot, and found a huge bag full of amazing stuff! So much I had to pack another suitcase on my way home. Almost everything is sequined, and sparkly, and very 80’s.

Some of the best stuff I got:


Michael Jackson meets The Golden Girls:



And there’s a lot more to come!

I’ve been so busy finalizing everything I need to get done before fashion week, unpacking, and visiting friends that I haven’t had time to list anything yet. But some of this will most likely end up on my etsy, or ebay in the next week or two. So keep an eye out! Also, soon I should have some (hopefully) very good news about special fashion week happenings, a blogging collaboration, and a LOT of photos to share!

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