Fashion Week Begins!

Fashion Week officially starts Thursday, but I’ll be covering events starting tomorrow. I’m so excited, this is my first real fashion week. (In the past, I’ve only gone to a few days of random events here and there.) So it’s the perfect time to announce that I am going to be working for another, much larger site this year!

I’m going to be photographing shows, events, and parties for ChiChi212 ! ChiChi212 is a really great up and coming web site devoted to covering the best news, gossip, and events in NYC. If you haven’t heard of it, you will soon!

The editor in chief, Brittany is absolutely amazing. And I’ll be working with a really great staff of fellow fashion writers and photographers. I can’t wait. I’ll still be making a few fashion week posts here—I was previously invited to cover a few events for my blog. But since I declined to apply for press credentials on my own this year (I felt like my blog is just too new) this is a great way to participate, and still connect everyone with awesome photos and show reviews.

ChiChi212 will be covering A LOT this fashion week. So Coming Soon: be on the lookout for teasers, linking to all my photo posts on ChiChi212! Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.

Don’t forget you can participate in the fashion week fun, even with out a press pass or invites:

If you want to see celebs or your favorite models, spend an hour or so hanging out around the tents, or MILK studios. You are virtually guaranteed to see someone. I went to my first fashion week with out press access, and ran into Agyness Deyn, Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn, Carmen Electra, Diane Kruger, and Molly Sims, just to name a few. They have to get inside the tents somehow!! And that was all in one day. It’s especially easy to see celebs at the off site shows.

Agyness Deyn Agyness outside the tents, September 2007.

There are a TON of events happening for Fashion’s Night Out. Refinery29 has a list of what is, in my opinion, the best choices.

The second issue of LOVE magazine is out. I saw it in an East Village magazine shop last night. Get your fix now!

Gossip Girl and SATC2 will still be filming during fashion week! Along with a ton of other new shows and movies.


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