Geren Ford


Wednesday morning, I headed downtown to the LES studio of Geren Lockhart, designer of clothing line Geren Ford. A small group of fellow bloggers had been invited to sit with Geren and discuss her spring line; her inspiration and history as a designer….and to preview the new collection.

Speaking with Geren, it’s clear she is one of those designers who has a firm grasp on both the designing and business aspects of running a line. A former ad agency creative, Geren’s extensive background in producing photo shoots and ad campaigns helps move her business forward at an enviable pace. The line that shipped its first collection to Barneys from Geren’s own apartment has gone on to be carried in multiple high end department stores and boutiques, and even recently branched out with a diffusion line- HAWKS by Geren Ford is a collaboration with Urban Outfitters. This has successfully opened up Geren’s brand to a whole new group of younger customers and increased distribution.

Geren Ford started as lounge wear with a single pair of drawstring pants, and has gone on to become a celeb favorite. Trends are eschewed in favor of clothing with “ease of wear”. Geren is proud that her clothing can be worn by any body type, with free flowing dresses or tops that can easily be cinched in with one of her new obi belts.

The Spring 2010 collection, described as “guacho, meets polo, with a twist of tango” is inspired by a recent trip to Argentina and Uruguay. The pieces are soft but constructed, with studded embellishments, wrinkled leather, and colors faded “like you’ve been on a beach all day”. With a color palette made up of earth tones, teal, gray, melon, and french blue. Focusing on bold yet organic graphic prints.

Future plans include a return of Geren Ford intimates, and the original drawstring pants for the holiday season. But right now, Geren is content to have progressed to having a show with twice as many looks, and enjoying how excited her design team gets over each step forward.

Geren Ford will be showing her Spring 2010 collection on Tuesday, September 15th, at Metropolitan Pavillion.


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