Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2010

Michael Kors was the very first show I shot at Bryant Park. Ever. I was visibly nervous and my lighting ended up being a bit “off”. But I still ended up getting some good shots thanks to the many friendly photographers in the press pit who helped me out. They answered my questions, and recommended camera settings to assist in get the best photos. Every photographer I encountered Wednesday was unbelievably helpful once they found out I was “a rookie” (even the one or two who I later saw getting into a fight over space in the press pit at Anna Sui).

Michael’s color palette consisted of mostly whites, pale blues and lavenders, and black. Clear panels dominated on cut out dresses, and clear chunky jewelry made up a large part of the accessories collection:

Michael Kors 1

Michael Kors 15

Michael also showed a lot of metallic accessories and shoes:

Michael Kors 11

Dresses too:

Michael Kors 19

Michael Kors 18

Probably one of the most cohesive shows I saw all week:

Michael Kors 20

This was the only show I photographed (or attended) with male models:

Michael Kors 12

And a designer who walked the entire runway for his final bow:

Michael Kors Final Bow

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