Brimfield Flea Market and Antique Show


Last month smack in the middle of fashion week, I took a weekend vacation to Mass. to check out the Brimfield Flea Market and Antique show. I missed the show twice this year. A mistake I won’t be making again.

I loved the flea. There ended up being too much to do and see. My mom described it best as a mix of a history lesson, a trip back in time, and nostalgia. We saw things my grandmother had once owned (special wooden cookie cutters from Germany), stuff I used to own (care bears lunchbox!), things I desperately wanted to buy but couldn’t afford, and items that looked like they were straight out of the Anthropologie catalog. I have no doubt buyers from Anthropologie and similar stores attend events like this to get ideas for products.

Can’t you see these onsale in Anthropologie?

We also saw items ranging from the weird, to downright shocking:

I debated whether or not to even post these, since some might find them offensive. But they represent a very sad a part of history that I think people sometimes sadly forget, and were on sale/display in public. I felt creeped out just looking at them.

Another weird, but way less scary item on sale.

Great fair food was a secondary benefit:
Greasy french fries, funnel cakes, pierogies, lobster, and ice cream!

Booths of Amazingness!

Unlimited supplies of Fiesta wear

Gorgeous vintage.

Raggedy Anne.

There was a LOT of glasswear for sale at the show.

Some nostalgia.


This dog was wearing a small saddle.

Another booth.

A kewpie I wanted, but couldn’t afford.

I ended up going home with two rings, an old cameo Kewpie doll, an Indian shawl, two 1920’s style hats, a ceramic jewelry box, and a wall hanging for less than $100.

Next year, I plan on going to Brimfield again in the fall. And if possible the spring or summer show. Dealers told us the Spring is busiest, July show is hottest, and the fall show is the best. I’d recommend going as early in the morning as possible. We arrived around noon, and I really wish we’d had more time. Traffic can sometimes back up pretty far, as there is only one main road heading to the shows. So arrive early for shorter waits, better parking, and more time to browse! There are a ton of nice hotels nearby in which to stay overnight, making Brimfield a perfect weekend away from the city!


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