I’m Your Biggest Fan, I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me: Gossip Girl Set Report # 5

So, my GagaXGossip Girl post is a little late. I ended up grabbing lunch with a friend from back in PRE-SCHOOL which turned into banana pudding at Magnolia, to tea at another friends, to margaritas, to empanadas to go. It’s been a crazy 24hours. But now I am back, and full of set report goodness.

Yesterday, I traveled down to the LES filming location of Gossip Girl after hearing rumors of Lady Gaga finally filming her guest appearance on the show. Leighton Meester confirmed the rumor while guesting on the Ryan Seacrest show.  So there were twice as many fans lurking about as the last time I went to the set since the cold weather arrived. (I never made a post, but I went to the Tribeca set last week to see the cast filming at Brandy Library. By far the worst set experience I’ve had. It was a total waste of time. I saw Chace Crawford and his mom for 2.5 seconds, then nothing. No photos. No info.)

I ended up waiting hours in the cold, so long I could barely feel my feet after. But throughout the afternoon and evening I saw Hilary Duff, Penn Badgley, Jessica Szohr, Leighton Meester, and also on set for about 5 minutes total–Taylor Momsen. It was starting to get dark shortly after I first arrived on set. Once the cast actually emerged to leave and/or take a break, it was dark and dingy out. I hadn’t planned on staying so long, so I unfortunately did not have my flash. So here are the (few) good photos from Tuesday’s set.

Hilary Duff heading to her trailer for a break from filming.

Hilary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Hilary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Hilary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Hillary Duff: Gossip Girl Set 10/13/09

Leighton heading home.


The cast was filming what looked to be a concert or night club scene at a LES arts center. The inside was lit with bright blue and green lights, and covered in sparkly backdrops. Very similar to what you’d expect at an “under the sea” themed dance. According to the crew, this episode is # 3×10, entitled “The Last Days of Disco Stick”, and will air on November 16th.

Jessica, hidden.

After a short period of not seeing any cast members emerge, the crew began tearing down the set. Shortly after, security brought luggage out to Gaga’s car, and began to “secure the perimeter”. After waiting for hours, Gaga finally emerged around 10:30pm. She stopped to sign a few autographs and pose for photos with 2 fans, then drove away. It was short and sweet, but despite the cold, worth the long wait. Here is my view of Gaga leaving the scene:

It’s amazing how fast this video has made it’s way around the internet!

I spent more time waiting around on set than I ever have previously. But I met some of the nicest fans yet. So many people spent time chatting about the show. And I even learned some tips from a few fellow photographers. Thank You everyone who made the wait go by even faster! If you were there, please comment and share your story!

As always: On Location Vacations is THE BEST and most accurate site on the internet for location info. There are a lot of impostors popping up, but they usually just steal their info! I check OLV and twitter daily for the latest updates.  If you’d like to catch Gossip Girl this Friday, head to 55th st and 2nd ave via the filming info here.

All photos and video ®2009 RS/The Greyest Ghost


12 thoughts on “I’m Your Biggest Fan, I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me: Gossip Girl Set Report # 5

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  3. Hi! I’m one of the girls you talked to, while waiting for Gaga to come out, in the freezing cold haha. Anyways just wanted to say nice blog & pictures :]


  4. Well I was visitin New York on a shopping trip and have kept track on onlocationvacations of gossip girl filming since Hilary was announced as a guest star but I honestly thought she had finished her scenes but had to go down anyway cos I’d be well pee’d if I was in NY and did not go down.
    Anyway I got to shoot at around 5PM and to my suprise Hilary walked out with her bodyguard and said hi around 6pm, she did not stop but exchanged pleasantries- I was so suprised to see her and was havin trouble with my K850 shutter that I only got bout 5 secs from behind bout 20 feet away goin back to her trailer. Just talkin to some of the prof/semi- prof photograhers I had a feeling that was it and she had finished filming for day. But again I was later pleasantly suprised when she walked up on other side of street obv cos she had more scenes but again i got no shots of video. ANYHOW some may think I’d be gutted not to get any decent vids but was just happy she was on-set and I got to see her- as beautiful as always. Aytway, I’m glad her acting career is taking off and glad she’s gettin better reviews for some of acting jobs recently. And it was lovely down set to meet Rachel and others there who were chattin and will make sure I give credit for any photos I link to (please give any instructions for links..is webaddress enough?) Thanks, Will


  5. where can i find out where they will be filming when? and does anybody know where they will be fi;lming on nov 11th and what times? thanks


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