Jeffrey Campbell Does Acne, Again

Image via LF stores

Looks like JC saves all his best knockoffs for LF exclusives. Following the limited edition Ann Demeulemeester corset boot knockoffs he did this summer, the brand has now replicated Acne’s sold out Atomica wedges. Last week, Refinery 29’s readers freaked over the similar style of the JC 99 Wedge (a $99 wedged booty, minus the metallic edging and laces). Today, the even more realistic looking knockoff popped up on the LF site.

The original Acne Atomica Wedge:

As seen on Alexa Chung
Image via google images

The differences: The Acne wedge is higher, the silver rim on the bottom fits more seamlessly around the shoe. The Acne shoe has what looks like real metallic edging, compared to the JC’s painted leather edging. And judging by the above photo, the leather of the shoe it’s self is smoother.

I understand popular styles of shoes being knocked off. It’s all supply and demand. And the average person not being able to afford $500+ shoes. This isn’t the first time JC has knocked off Acne, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

What I don’t understand is why the JC knockoff’s are always nearly $200 or more. No price info is up yet for the LF replica. But if past collaborations are any clue, I’m guessing they aren’t cheap.


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