Knockoff Patrol

I swear I could start a second blog on just designer shoe knockoffs. But I’ll let someone else go there. : )
This is just a small sampling of knockoffs I’ve found while browsing the internet in the last week. A few pairs of shoes, and one very overpriced pair of leg warmers.

Strangely Rick Owens-esque boots at Free People:

The new J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes for Urban Outfitters boots:
Urban Outfitters.

Jane’s sketch sure looks a lot like the Vivienne Westwood Pirate boots, in one of their many incarnations over the years:
sea of shoes,jane aldridge,urban outfitters
Image via Sea of Shoes.
She has the potential to be a great artist or designer, so it saddens me to see her just loosely interpreting her favorite shoes for her Urban Outfitters line.

L.A.M.B. has already done not one, but two less blatant knockoffs of the boots in the past:
Chartres Boot.

Belgrave Boot.

More Vivienne Westwood Inspired Pirate-ish Boots currently available:

Free People.

Jeffrey Campbell at ShopBop.

If you’re still looking for the Jeffrey Campbell Ann D. Inspired Corset Boots, David Z. has the suede version in stock, and on sale for $87! I saw them for sale in store as well.


I’ve saved the best for last with these Rodarte-inspired leg warmers:

Once again, Free People.

$128!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen much cheaper Rodarte inspired knit pieces available on Etsy. There are quite a few sellers with custom made spider web tights starting at around $50.


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