Halloween Highlights

Thanks to Halloween being on a Saturday, I had not one but two nights of costumed fun this weekend. Both nights I hit up parties nearby in Bushwick, since the L train insanity and bad weather kept me out of Manhattan. Friday was a friend of a friend’s party, complete with costume contest and a mini dance party with some of the weirdest and most random party music I’ve heard in a long time.

I went as Cleopatra:

My old roommate Mollie (as a Rainbow!) and I.

My friends.

Mollie as a rainbow.

David as Swine Flu.

Patrick Bateman.

Kool Aid Man.

The JMZ Train.

Saturday night, I went to Surreal Estate’s Halloween party a few blocks from my apt. There were 3 floors full of party-goers, including a large outdoor roof deck. By the end of the night, things ended up getting a little too crazy for my taste. But not before having a great time with almost all of my best friends in nyc, and meeting other guests with amazing costumes:

Anthony as a scarily accurate Billy Mays.

Billy, a Magician, and Cleopatra.

Magician, Cleopatra, Marathon Runner, and Flapper.

A lion, guy I don’t know, and Cleopatra. Hahah.

Not my friends, but also wearing cool costumes:

Dia de los Muertos 2
3 Caterinas.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins.

Southern Belle Mother Daughter Steel Magnolias Duo
Mom & Daughter Steel Magnolias duo.

And this girl, who was a fire dancer:
FireTwirler  4

FireTwirler  1


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