Rodarte for Target: New Photos!

Photo by me. My scanner’s out of commission while the macbooks broken.

I am in love with this champagne colored dress in the December issue of GLAMOUR Magazine. IT IS ONLY FORTY DOLLARS. $40!!!!! I can’t wait for the release.

According to a reader in the Marie Claire images post, there is another dress in Teen Vogue. Anyone have a photo?

A Savvy commenter on The Cut pointed out the Glamour photo.

EDIT: Thanks to reader RudeGirl, we now have two more photos:

$40. Via Teen Vogue

99% sure this is the leopard dress from the leaked photos of the press event:
Also via Teen Vogue

Compare that dress, to this:
Via GoogleImages

Stylist Mary Alice Stephenson shot a video at the press event. View it on her facebook fan page.

Rodarte for Target launches December 20th!

12 thoughts on “Rodarte for Target: New Photos!

    • Thanks for the links! I haven’t received my issue yet, didn’t even think it would be online already. I’m 99% sure that leopard dress is Rodarte, going by the photos that leaked earlier this summer. Same cut and sleeve length. Editing the post to include these photos too!


  1. Thank you for the shout out! I just realized I am the “savvy commenter” on The Cut. 🙂

    I don’t have my issue yet, either, to check up on the designer credits. (I was surprised the Teen Vogue site had these features up when they are still showing last month’s cover as the current one.) However I see that another blog has gone ahead and claimed it for Rodarte x Target as well:

    I like the way this collection is shaping up.


    • Too funny, I didn’t even realize that was you commenting on all the sites! I still don’t have my issue ( I always seem to get TV late) and do feel like I just got the last one. Glad the dress has been ID’d though, I really like it.


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  3. love that first dress. my only critic towards what i’ve seen so far of their target collab is that I don’t think it really represent the label really well. I mean, nothing I’ve seen so far looks like anything we’re used to by Rodarte.


    • A friend who worked with their line a lil bit in the past told me it reminds her a lot of their first few seasons. I went back to look, and can see that. I just really wish they’d made a sweater for Target.


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