Save Fashion Opening Night Party

Save Fashion 1

Save Fashion officially opened this morning. But last night special guests got to shop early, and celebrate Save Fashion’s return at the opening night party.

When I arrived, the party was already at capacity, and the line was 30 people deep. After a short wait outside in the wind, we were allowed in. This was my first time at Inven.tory, but I’d been meaning to go for ages. The space is pretty large, and laid out much better than the first Save Fashion pop up shop at Port Authority was. Racks and racks of clothing lined the walls, accompanied by a small bar area, and a DJ booth. The event was so packed it took a few minutes to make it from the front to the back of the store, where the shoes (what I was looking for) were located. The shoe selection was much better than last time–I snagged a cute pair of bright blue Devotte sling-back sandals for $45!

While mingling with the crowd, I spotted a few Inven.tory staffers:
Save Fashion Staff

And ran into my new friend Chrissy, who recognized me from the internet (from another site)!

Save Fashion Crowd
The huge crowd of shoppers.

There were lots of fashionable guests as well:
Save Fashion Guests

Save Fashion Guests

I’m not sure of this woman’s name, but I see her at events all the time. I was in love with her outfit:
Stella McCartney for Gap Band Jacket
Rocking the Stella McCartney for Gap Band Jacket.

Save Fashion 2

Save Fashion 4
Outside Inven.tory

When I left, I stopped in the bodega across the street and totally ran into Kat from Iven.tory checking out her spread in ELLE magazine:
Kat from Inven.tory
She was so excited!

SAVE FASHION runs November 13-22.
At Inven.tory: 237 Lafayette St (at Spring)
10am-9pm daily

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