Broken Embraces

The day after Halloween, I watched a movie I’d been looking forward to seeing for a very long time: Broken Embraces. The movie is debuting in America this weekend, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon a European copy of the film, which was released there much earlier in the year.

I’m not going to get too in depth and review the movie for everyone (you can read fandango for that) but I will say this movie is amazing. It might be too slow, or too romantic for some. But to me it was Almodovar at his best. It’s a movie about movies, and is beautiful, funny, mysterious, and haunting. I think I enjoyed it almost even more than Volver, which is a near *perfect* movie. Just writing about Broken Embraces makes me want to watch it again.

I still haven’t worked my way through his entire body of work (I started a few years ago with “What Have I Done to Deserve This, an odd choice to begin with) but can now say Almodovar is one of my favorite directors. I only wish all of the people in my life who scoff at “reading subtitles” would watch his movies as well. Penelope Cruz is excellent as Lena, and makes you feel her pain as a failed actress and spurned lover in this movie. And her wardrobe is just as spectacular:

Just as beautiful as in the film is Penelope in real life:
Penelope Cruz at Letterman
I went to the Ed Sullivan Theater (where The Late Show is filmed) today just to see her in person. Autograph hounds mobbed her, but Penelope was ever graceful before heading off to attend her movie’s premiere.

Broken Embraces starts Friday November 20th.

Penelope at Letterman photo ® 2009 RS/The Greyest Ghost


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