All Saints: Now Shipping to the US

Last week, fashion blogs were abuzz with the news that UK shop All Saints had opened up an e-commerce site shipping to the US. I admit, I don’t really know much about the brand. I don’t recall seeing a store or shopping there during my 2 prior visits to the UK. But I like what I see, and if I ever go back I will be sure to stop by and go on a mini shopping spree.

Kansas Dress, $175.

Their asymmetrical dresses and sweaters especially strike me as a bit of a mix of Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, and Alexander Wang but for about 1/4 of the price. Nearly everything is available in black. Just. My. Style.

Devanna Dress, $195.

Valeska Dress, $175.

I especially like “7 Curses” Dress, $225.

When you zoom in, you realize the print is made of skulls.

Aryeh Top, $105.

Along with the clothing, shoes and accessories, they also have some equally awesome children’s clothing:

I think I know where I’ll be spending my Christmas cash.


5 thoughts on “All Saints: Now Shipping to the US

  1. Wow! I’ve really been lusting over rich orange tones lately and that first dress is perfect! I think I’ll be splurging in the near future.


  2. That is totally how I would dress my child if I ever had one. For now I will have to hold my breath that my niece will have a hella passion for fashion. She’s 1. There is still time!


    • That child’s outfits are amazing. There is a boy on the site as well, but his weren’t as cute. I’m sure you will be able to influence your niece to dress fashionably, just take her shopping once she will be hooked! : )


      • I am happy to report I do not think I will have a problem with her after all! I saw her this weekend and her things in the world are shoes. She hordes them. And only wants to wear this pair of platforms she cannot walk in. A girl after my own heart! Her parents are really anti-shopping so I was worried. Those worries were unfounded! Yippie!!


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