H&M Holiday 2009

You might not be able to tell based on my tendency to wear so much black, but I’m a sucker for anything gauzy, drapey, lacey, or shiny. Especially if it’s ballerina inspired. Naturally I am loving these images from H&M’s holiday campaign. Even more so since they feature Sasha.

I want these teal tights yesterday.

Images: H&M via Fashion Gone Rogue.


4 thoughts on “H&M Holiday 2009

  1. Sasha rules the world!!
    And I agree, I adore this H&M collection 80% more because of her. And it is shiny. I am going to try and go Monday. What are my chances of sneaking out with a huge poster of Sasha? 🙂


    • I love Sasha too, and still think of her cute smiles for the photogs at the Anna Sui show whenever I see her.

      I wish there were more photos of this collection–I posted 3 out of 6. But I want to see more. Not sure if it’s out yet, it’s been a week or two since I’ve been to h&m. But I bet if you asked a nice SA they might save you a Sasha poster!


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