MORE Rodarte for Target

Where are the official images? The line is out a month from tomorrow! Thankfully every day new magazine scans show up.

Here are the latest, via the awesome forum members over at TFS:

Both images VOGUE December.

Dress $40, Belt $13. ELLE December.

Shirt $25, Real Simple December.

Cardigan $29.99, Dress $34.99. December Bazaar.

Behind the scenes at Tavi’s Teen Vogue shoot:

Image Via Full Frontal Fashion.

You can view the older images here, and here

4 thoughts on “MORE Rodarte for Target

  1. Nice round-up. Seventeen magazine has a pic of what I think is the t-shirt that Tavi is wearing. I thought this was a nice touch: it has twill tape around the inner neckline with a repeating “Rodarte” print, instead of just a neck tag. It will retail for $15 and can be found on page 146.


    • Thanks! You should be the official Rodarte for Target spotter, you find so much of it! The tape instead of a tag is a nice touch. I know people are disappointed the collection is a bit tamer than their recent runway collections, but I like almost all of it so far, and think it’s going to look good in person.


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