L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers Handbag Sample Sale

This morning I got up freakishly early to meet my friend Alison at the Savvy NYC loft for the l.a.m.b handbag sample sale. I’d received an email a few weeks back about the sale, and the prices listed were just too good to pass up. I don’t usually go to sales that start so early, but today I made it right before before the 8am start time. Which was lucky, because a long line had already formed down the street, and only 5 people were being let in at a time.

After waiting about ten minutes, we were allowed in to the sale. The ten shoppers ahead of me all were gathered around a sales girl setting out wallets, so I made a quick dash around the room and grabbed four of the handbags that I liked best. The kid robot section went pretty much ignored by most of the shoppers, but seemed to have a lot of selection. Harajuku Lovers bags were also plentiful, with designs from past and current seasons available. I was sad that very few current season lamb bags were out (about ten designs, compared to the past sales many more), no laptop bags were available, and none that appeared to be “samples” (I bought an amazing unreleased bullseye lamb bag last summer, and would have liked another rarity). Most were overstock, or Nordstrom returns. But the selection was huge, with bags ranging from the first season rasta signature print bags, to fall ’09 neon graffiti print bags.

L.a.m.b Price List.

Lambseye bags!

Fall ’09 bag.

Like most well priced sales, this one was not with out it’s resellers and hoarders. One woman bought FIFTY nylon wallets. And about twenty more leather and canvas lamb wallets, and a handful of bags. I also recognized a girl from the l.a.m.b forums, who was hoarding a dozen or more bags and grabbed about fifteen wallets, while her male friend did the same.

The decimated pile of wallets. All that was left was a few damaged coin purses, and some large clutches.

People have the right to buy whatever they want, but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when you see them hoarding items that other people might have liked to buy. I can’t think of a single reason one person would need to own twenty or more wallets. I was going to buy one wallet for myself and one or two as gifts, and I know Alison and her mother were pretty disappointed with the wallet hoarding as well.

The woman purchasing 50+ wallets

The leather & canvas wallets she also bought.

The Harajuku Lovers selection:

Cute wall art!

The lonely Kidrobot section:

There was plenty of room to sit and think about what you wanted to buy:

A shopper sorting her potential purchases.


The massive pile of stock.

I know it’s impossible to prevent resellers and hoarders, so despite a few greedy customers, I like the way that Savvy runs their sales. It’s great knowing the prices ahead of time. And the staff was (and always is) very helpful and nice. They seem genuinely excited about what they are selling. This was my third l.a.m.b bag sale in the past 2 1/2 years, and probably the best one so far. The sale was never crowded with probably 25 or so people being allowed in the room at one time. That might not have been favorable to the crowd waiting outside in the cold, but it made for an extra pleasant shopping experience. I never felt rushed or crowded (except while trying to view the wallets).

The L.a.m.b, Harajuku Lovers, and Kidrobot sale runs until December 3rd.
42 Greene Street – 2nd Floor
Btwn Grand & Broome
When: December 1st – 3rd
Tuesday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

More info at Savvy NYC.

All photos ®2009 The Greyest Ghost

33 thoughts on “L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers Handbag Sample Sale

  1. You do not have any legal right to use my images on your site. If my images are not taken down from this website I will be contacting my lawyer and seeking legal injunction and using all other legal means to bar this site operation in the future.


    • Also, since your comment is nowhere near clear:

      1. The images are mine. If you’re inferring I’m using your photos, you are incorrect.
      2. I do not need permission to photograph someone in a public place.
      3. You’d have to prove I was using the images for a commercial purpose, or prove libel to get the photos removed by a lawyer. And nothing I have said in this post is untrue (the definition of libel). It’s all fact, backed up by the images. And this is editorial, not commercial.


  2. I have already contacted word press legal infringement DMCA department and informed them that I will be seeking legal recourse if it is not taken down. I am willing to seek a legal injunction on your blog while this is sorter out in court. I am willing to tie this up in our court system if needed. More cases have been won on less and I’ll have my legal department draft a letter to wordpress tomorrow too.


  3. Thanks to Jessica and the other numb nuts hoarders the staff wasn’t doing phone orders! Luckily I got a fee things from a friend…Idiots! Ps, she may take pics down but now that they have been up people have them…Hopefully they pop up again and again!


  4. Wow looks like Lamb Heaven!!!!!! BTW the girl with the issues has no legal standing so she can tie her self up in court all she wants! Freakin wackos!!!


  5. Everything written in this blog is 100% true! I also witnessed the resellers and hoarders but other then them I had a great time shopping with Rachel at the sale!


  6. @TheGreyestGhost, I agree with you 100%. Resellers are the ONE reason why sample sales have restrictions, limits to how many items can be purchased. Resellers ruin it for those, like myself, who buy what they love and use as gifts and shop-a-holic treaments. As for Jessica, well, you really can’t say you’re not a reseller since I witnessed you and your male friend swiping items and discussing resale value. As for the picture, there are three people in that shot and I am one of them. Therefore, if there any questions, I FULLY give permission to use my image in this shot ONLY for this blog discussion.


    • I think “Jessica” is the woman who bought 50 wallets, and the other girl (from the lamb forums) who brought her male friend was someone else. But it is upsetting to hear she was talking about resale value, while on the lamb forums claiming to have bought everything as gifts.


  7. Great photos! I think I must have been only a few people ahead of you in line. I gave up on trying to get a wallet after seeing the madness. But I’m happy with the bags I got!


  8. They really should put a limit on what can be purchased. I witnessed some hoarding in May while I was trying to find a white leopard wallet in good condition, and its just annoying trying to look at wallets while someone is grabbing 20 of them!

    Can’t wait until I can get to the sale, if the hoarders/resellers left anything for me!


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  10. I think it’s really un-fair that there wasn’t a limit as to how many pieces you were allowed to purchase. They are buying 50 wallets…?? Well then they are obviously resellers! The items from the SS are already trickling onto *bay.

    I know I will definitely NOT be buying anything from anyone on there. No matter how much I want it. I understand people want to make money but, when you are paying $25 for a wallet and trying to sell it for $179….Then you are f’n out of your mind. And a total scammer. Not a true LAMBIE!


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  12. lamblover24- its completely unfair that those people were allowed to purchase that many items. imo, if you check someone out with 70 wallets, you know that those are not going to be for yourself, or even as a few gifts. i believe now savvy has stated that they know what this certain person looks like and will not sell to her again, thank goodness! but i find myself asking, why they would have made the sell anyhow…

    it’s true, they are scammers…def not true lambies..


  13. i’m guessing jessica is the girl in the first pic, with at least a dozen wallet in her arms

    resellers suck, although some people have posted honestly on ebay that they got their bag from the SS and list it for the same price bought, which is good for me since i couldn’t go to the SS being all the way up in West Coast Canada. But I despise those resellers who jacked up the price to more than 250~300% markup, greed much?!


  14. @ ninth

    I’m the girl in the first pic and I’m definitely not a reseller. I had 4 wallets in my hand, and I put 2 back and bought the other 2 for Christmas gifts (didnt even get to snag one for myself!) I walked away from the sale with 2 bags and that’s it. I had so many things in my hands because everyone was making a mad dash to the items they wanted so you had to be pretty quick if there was something on a table you really wanted. What most of us there did was grab everything we could fit in our hands that we wanted, and then weeded through everything and put back 95% of what we picked up to begin with.

    I didn’t really mind that my pic is on the website, but my only concern was that because a pic was taken of me holding a few items, I was going to be accused of being one of the resellers at the next sample sale.

    I was pretty pissed with the wallet situation this time around. At the sample sale prior to this one, all of the wallets were displayed on a small table in the front of the room. No one was knocking people over trying to get to them. This time they were just unloading them as soon as they let us in and the pushy resellers got their hands on most of them. They definitely ruined the experience for most of us. Other than the wallet situation, the rest of the sale was great though!


  15. I absoulutely loved this article/site. You are awesome and to hell with the people threatening to sue!! You have turned me on to something I knew nothing about, but was interest in. A++++. Luv it!!! I’m a big fan of Gwen and luv her designs especially the old ones, from the 2007,2008 lines. Thanks a bunch!!


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