My Afternoon With Martha Stewart

Despite truly awful weather that kept most of my friends housebound, Saturday afternoon my Mother and I wandered all the way over to 11th avenue and 26th street for the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair.

The fair was inside the Martha Stewart offices. After exiting the elevator bank, we walked down a long hallway in to a huge convention space.

Six rows of booths lined the walls and shoppers milled about while listening to holiday music, and snacking on the various sweets for sale.

Martha’s cute dessert packaging.

There were plenty of product demonstrations as well, and a “gift walk” where guests could win prizes such as a sewing machine. Many of the vendors were MS staffers. Selling everything from jewelry, baby clothes, cheese, to greeting cards.

I really liked these bright necklaces.

Also available was the full line of Martha Stewart cooking and craft books, and crafting products like the Martha Stewart glitter, and ornament kits.

I’d like all of these for Christmas please!

Both my Mom and I’s favorite section was the aisle of craft projects from the holiday issue, come to life. There were home made ornaments, gift boxes, treat holders, and various holiday decorations. Everything she saw made my Mom marvel over the construction, and supplied her with endless ideas for her own graphic design and craft projects. I can only imagine how inspiring it is to work in that office every day.

What are these?

Oh that’s right, they are treat boxes!

Cute pine cone elves.

Punch out gift tags and wrapping paper.

Peppermint house from the MSL holiday issue.

Other than a lot of photos and project ideas, I also went home with a gift box of Christmas cookies to give to my Dad:

Aren’t they adorable?!?!

My Mom really liked the wall art through out the building, and all of the Martha fonts:

One of the most awkward things I’ve ever photographed, the lighting was horrid.

Me, happy but looking rather shadowy.

Hope you do this again next year, Martha!


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