L.A.M.B Does Ann Demeulemeester

l.a.m.b,gwen stefani,the greyest ghost,ann demeulemeesterl.a.m.b,gwen stefani,the greyest ghost,ann demeulemeester

I’ve been waiting for the *rumored* release of these shoes since seeing Gwen Stefani wear them while on tour with No Doubt this past summer. A friend sent me blurred photos of these boots at a shoe trade show, and I’ve had my fingers crossed they would actually be produced. I missed out on the Ann D triple lace boots (which are far over my budget anyway) and have yet to find a good replica. I really like these, I just wish they were a few hundred bucks cheaper. Definitely waiting for these to go on sale!

l.a.m.b,gwen stefani,the greyest ghost,ann demeulemeester

l.a.m.b,gwen stefani,the greyest ghost,ann demeulemeester

The main differences: the l.a.m.b version has a bit higher heel, gold zips on both sides, and also comes in white.

l.a.m.b,gwen stefani,the greyest ghost,ann demeulemeester

The L.a.m.b Volera boots are available for $599 at Shopbop and Nordstrom.


11 thoughts on “L.A.M.B Does Ann Demeulemeester

  1. I know this is an older post, but I was wondering if you ended up buying a pair of the LAMB boots and could comment on the quality (leather, construction, etc.). They are now on sale, and I don’t know if I should pull the trigger since I’ve found LAMB shoes can be hit-or-miss. Many thanks!


    • No, I never did manage to get them on sale. Sadly. They went from not being discounted enough, to less than $200 while I wasn’t paying attention. Most stores now only have super small sizes left. 😦


      • Unfortunately it’s the same here. Shopbop had one pair of 5.5s left, and I procrastinated too long. Now I can’t find any shops with anything smaller than size 6. 😛 Oh well.


  2. Oh my god! Thank you so much for this post. I have seriously been searching for forever to find out what kind of boots she wore during the tour. I’ve been obsessed! But thank you. They’re really pricey but if they ever do come back in to stock Im getting myself a pair. I recently bought LAMB heels and Im incredibly happy with them.


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