Marie Antoinette New Year’s Party

Marie Antoinette (14)
Me & Lindsay

Last night two dozen of my favorite people came over to ring in the new year in our fanciest 18 century inspired fashions, powdered hair and all. We ate macarons and other amazing desserts, drank champagne, danced to the best music of the last 10 years, watched “Marie Antoinette”, and lit off sparklers.

Marie Antoinette (76)
Lindsay & Annie.

Marie Antoinette (81)
Anthony & Lindsay

Marie Antoinette (67)

Marie Antoinette (44)

Putting on the face/hair powder:
Marie Antoinette (30)

Macarons & Meringues:
Marie Antoinette (23)

My roommate & her friends:
Marie Antoinette (26)

Marie Antoinette (80)

My lace dress and headdress were from Topshop, the necklace from Target, and I wore black baby doll triple buckle shoes from Steve Madden to complete the look. I started the night with white tights, but they looked too ridiculous to keep on.

Marie Antoinette (77)

Marie Antoinette (79)

My friends that didn’t dress up because they were party hopping:
Marie Antoinette (66)

Marie Antoinette (40)

Erasing the chalkboard wall for the new year:
Marie Antoinette (58)

Marie Antoinette (18)

Marie Antoinette (28)

Marie Antoinette (57)

I even wore little pearls on my nails:
Marie Antoinette (84)

Marie Antoinette (83)

Marie Antoinette (17)

More photos here.

We got most of our food from Trader Joe’s. They had some very beautiful and delicious desserts for not that much money. The whole event was pulled off for just a little over $100. This was hands down the best party I’ve thrown in years! It was pretty damn awesome, and I’m so happy as many people dressed up as they did.

Hope all of you had an amazing new year’s as well!


5 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette New Year’s Party

    • Happy New Year to you too Laura! I love that lace dress, it’s so wonderful. I’ll have to ask Annie about her dress. I do know however that it’s 2 separate pieces she wore together–a top and a skirt.


  1. lovely pictures!!!
    happy new year!!!!!
    my bf and i are planning on coming to NYC in februari or april…so thats a good new yrs start!
    do you have any recommendations?


    • Thanks Bonny, Happy New Year! I can write up a list of fun things to check out when you guys come to nyc. There is a TON of awesome stuff to do. I’ll email it to you. : )
      And you must come say hi when you are here.


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