December in Pictures

I’m still getting back in to the swing of things and catching up with all my blogging after the holidays. December was a crazy month, and things haven’t seemed to settle down much since it ended! I’ve been busy getting the blog (and my life!) ready for NYFW, traveling, getting a new roommate, preparing to help my parents move to a new house in February, and working on a very special top secret project.

One thing I have consistently managed to do despite the craziness is take a lot of photos! I bought myself a new lens for Christmas– The canon 50mm 1.4 is AMAZING. I am in love with this thing. I can’t wait to do some new fashion shoots, work on my food photography, and go explore NYC from a new viewpoint. If you’re into photography and shoot Canon, you need this lens. It will change your life.

Some of my favorite December shots, for your viewing pleasure:


Opening Presents.

My cousins and Grandpa, holding my spot, while I set up the shot on Christmas Eve.

Dog Study 8 Isabelle.

Dog Study 9

Unusual non-smiling photo of my dad, Edward.
And yes, my Dad and dog are named Edward and Bella. Just a coincidence– they both existed pre-Twilight.

This is a re-post, but what the heck:
Marie Antoinette (83)
I’m in love with this photo. And basically everything else that I shot at the Marie Antoinette party. It blew my mind.


3 thoughts on “December in Pictures

  1. I always marvel at how incredibly delicate dogs can be opening gifts. Ours used to wrap the box in his paws and carefully pull away strip after strip of the wrapping paper until the box was revealed and then he’d wait for us to open it and share the treats. So sweet. Bella looks like a love.


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