Topshop Answers My Prayers

Can you tell I’ve been a bit obsessed* with shoes as of late? So imagine my shock when I saw that finally, someone has designed a suitable replica of the Ann Demeulemeester flat lace up boots I’ve been posting about for the past 6months.


Last year Pixie Market sold their own “designer inspired” version, which promptly sold out in less than a day. I’ve spent countless hours looking for a similar style with no luck. The flat boot just doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the heeled boots, making my search near impossible.

I am now so glad to say these shoes are on their way to my home, all the way from the UK:
Ann Demeulemeester,corset boot,flat lace up boot,topshop

The inspiration: the original Ann D flat boot.
Ann Demeulemeester,corset boot,flat lace up boot

Main differences between the two styles: the topshop version has bronze rivets, and a wedge heel.

The shoes are available for $80, but hurry– at least two sizes that were still up last night are now unavailable! Do a little google-ing, and you might just find yourself a topshop discount code.

* This post is dedicated to my fabulous blogger friend Jinah, who I’ve apparently been torturing with my recent lovely shoe posts. ❤


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