Lady Gaga at Radio City

Lady Gaga: Sold Out
This past Saturday night, I saw Lady Gaga’s amazing sold out show at Radio City Music Hall in New York. I’ve been to nearly two hundred concerts over the last fifteen years, and this show definitely earned a ranking in the top five.

Lady Gaga 3

The sets and lights were phenomenal, as was Gaga’s stage presence. She managed to engage the entire audience and made it feel more like an intimate night club than Radio City. She played all of her best songs (except Telephone!!), including “Poker Face” both acoustically and normal. The only downside of the entire night: I was seated somewhat far back and was stuck using a digicam instead of my DSLR. Everyone there was taking pictures, so I probably could have got away with sneaking it in, but didn’t want to risk it. But I think I still got some great (albeit grainy and sometimes pixelated) shots of Gaga and her fabulous outfits, and also a ton of video that I might upload at a later date.

Lady Gaga 8

Lady Gaga 10

Lady Gaga 11

Lady Gaga 6

Lady Gaga 12

Lady Gaga 9

Lady Gaga 2

Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

Lady Gaga 4

Lady Gaga 5

Lady Gaga 1

Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

Lady Gaga 7

Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

There were a lot of costumed fans in attendance:
Lady Gaga,The Greyest Ghost,Monster Ball,The Fame

After the show, I met the fans with the best (handmade) costumes of all:
Lady Gaga's Best Dressed Fans

This show is seriously phenomenal. If you have a chance to see Gaga live TAKE IT. You won’t regret it.


8 thoughts on “Lady Gaga at Radio City

  1. YES! Legit I said the same thing about my DSLR since their check in was so relaxed. Your images look great, my friends camera was useless and I came away with crappy zoomed in bb photos. So sad 😥 But amazing show!!


  2. Thanks! I laughed when I went in the doors because they literally poked a stick into my bag for about 3 seconds then shooed me in. So much for all the “NO CAMERAS” signs. Sad you didn’t get any good shots, but glad you had fun! It was sooo good, I had the chills.

    ps. BTW love all the photos you post on your blog!


  3. I went to the show in ATL and no one even bothered to check me at all! Alas, I forgot my camera anyways!
    I agree that the show was incredible. I took my husband and two stepdaughters, and my husband was blown away. So much more than he expected. I was completely obsessed with the video montages, so if you ever get the chance to upload them I would be grateful. I love your pictures, I think they capture the shows energy perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you Masibvo! It’s funny how much emphasis is placed on venue security (I got an email saying to arrive an hour early!) and then you get there and no one cares. Glad you and your family all enjoyed the show too! The videos were my favorite part. The videos I shot are sort of tinny because the bass was so loud. But I will upload some–as soon as I have about 5hours to let youtube process them. They upload so slowly : )


  4. Rach, your pictures are pretty great, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t try to bring a camera either and ended up with big glowing blurs on my iPhone. I got to see her in December and I agree, it was an amazing time!


  5. lovely pictures!!!

    2 days after we leave NYC, the Asteroids Galaxy Tour come to town! if you have a chance to go see them (bowery ballroom) def check them out! one of the best bands i discovered last yr!


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