A Peek Inside M&J Trimming

Inside M&J Trimming 2

On Thursday, I had attended a designer presentation in midtown (more on that soon!). On the way home, I passed by M&J Trimming, and decided to stop in and grab a few DIY supplies. I have an enormous DIY “to do” list, and a folder full of saved inspiration images.

While I was there I picked up some supplies to make a belt, 2 headbands, a few packs of studs and a hair bow. Since I had my camera with me I snapped a few photos of the trims and many goodies for sale in the store.

Inside M&J Trimming 4

Can you tell why this is one my favorite stores in NYC?

Inside M&J Trimming 1

Inside M&J Trimming 3

Trim cutter extraordinaire Genevieve:
Inside M&J Trimming 5

What you see is only about a quarter of the store! There is a lot more to browse. Next time I’m there, I plan on taking even more photos.

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