Norma Kamali for Walmart Spring 2010

While doing a bit of fashion week research this past week, I discovered some cute new pieces showcased on Norma Kamali’s web site. Turns out they are part of the upcoming NK for walmart spring collection!

Last summer I posted about the NK batwing cardigan (and the months it took me to finally track one down). I’m happy to say it’s back for sale once again, along with a whole collection of new pieces for the spring 2010.

Known for her innovative clothing that can be worn multiple ways, Norma Kamali carries on the aesthetics of her namesake line in her Walmart collection, which debuted in 2007. Many designers “dumb down” their brand’s characteristics when it comes to collaborations with mass retailers. Not Norma Kamali! As in her past collaborations (with brands like Spiegel and Everlast), she manages to hang on to her trademark designs while bringing them to a larger audience. You can see many of the standout pieces of her namesake line translated into similar looks for less at walmart.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the spring collection. Most of these will be available on February 1st!

Sleeveless All in One Dress.

Sleeveless Tie Waist Dress.

All in One Dress.

Watch an animation of the many ways to wear the all in one dress here.

Rectangle Top

My personal favorite:

Motorcycle Jacket.

Also available in grey!

Blanket Sweater. Looks like my typical Sunday afternoon outfit, hair and all.

Bandeau Tankini: A cute take on the retro swim suit trend in a modern fabric.

Elastic Sandal. Hope they are as comfortable as they look!

Most of the items come in various colors, and are available in size XS-XXL. The full line includes swimwear, accessories, athletic wear, business wear such as blazers and trousers, dresses, and more casual jersey loungewear. The best part: the most expensive Norma Kamali for Walmart item available on the site right now retails for $24.00!

The walmart batwing cardigan in particular is a near replica of the original, much more expensive version. I once compared my own cardigan to a friends (which cost hundreds of dollars more), and other than thicker fabric saw almost no difference in the quality! I’ve been incredibly happy with my Norma Kamali for walmart cardigan, and definitely plan on picking up some more pieces once the spring line arrives. One downside: not every walmart carries the line–I called many mystified stores (in three states!) looking for the batwing last summer only to have staffers have no clue what I was talking about. So it’s probably best to research availability before you go on a walmart run. Or just shop online.


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