Independent Fashion Bloggers “Evolving Influence” Conference

After Monday’s Rad Hourani show at MILK Studios, I dashed to the Urban Signals van to catch the shuttle service to the Helen Mills theatre, and ended up riding with half of the panelists from the IFB Con’s “Future of Fashion Blogging panel.

Susie Bubble, Bryan Boy, Rumi Neely, Phil Oh, my new blogger friend Vyque, and a few other assorted photographers and I laughed about being packed into a van like sardines, and gushed over the amazing fashion show we’d just watched. I was too giggly to break out my own camera, but Rumi and I had quite a few laughs about the other photogs snapping pics of everyone sitting on boxes and tires in the back of the van.

Once we arrived at the conference (a bit late, due to Rad’s late start and bad traffic) most of the seats in the theatre had already been taken, so I went backstage with the speakers and my fellow van passengers. On the way, I spotted these 2 lovebirds and had to stop and take a photo:

The Sartorialist and Garance Dore
The Sartorialist Scott Schuman, and Garance Dore.

Tavi had also just arrived, so she stopped for a quick photo op with Susie Bubble:
Tavi and Susie Bubble

Shortly after, Scott and Garance came backstage themselves and had a nice talk with Tavi before the show:
Scott, Garance, and Tavi

Tavi talking to Scott and Garance

Then it was time for the panel to begin:
IFB Con Future of Fashion Blogging Panel

Introductions were made:
IFB Con Future of Fashion Blogging Panel
Bryan Boy.

Susie felt bashful:
IFB Con Future of Fashion Blogging Panel

And was very excited for Phil:
IFB Con Future of Fashion Blogging Panel

The panel discussed the origins of fashion blogging, “celebrity” bloggers, reader criticisms, “Bloggers vs. Editors”, the legitimization of blogs as media, and whether or not they read and respond to their reader’s comments (All said yes!).

IFB Con Future of Fashion Blogging Panel
Britt and Lauren from Fashionista answered a lot of questions about the more corporate side of blogging.

I ended up watching the entire panel standing next to Scott and Garance. When Phil mentioned blogging legitimizing street style web sites and the work of many aspiring photographers, I told Garance that was definitely helped by her and Scott.

IFB Con Future of Fashion Blogging Panel
Hearing Tavi talk about the many criticisms she faces, and how the “Tavi’s bow” drama spun out of control was especially insightful. All panelists agreed that most of the “conflict” between bloggers and magazine editors is either made up or embellished by the press, or because of editors not keeping up with newer technologies. ( I personally have MAJOR issues with the proclamation that bloggers are influenced and persuaded by “freebies”. Four years as an editor taught me exactly how much magazine content is dictated by advertising dollars, and payola.)

It was incredible to hear all of the participants discuss how blogging has changed their lives, and the world around us. I guarantee most people who may have gone in to the panel having criticisms of the panelists and their blogs would come out with a completely different perspective. If you didn’t catch the live stream, I highly recommend watching the video once it’s up on the IFB site. I filmed nearly the entire panel, but until I find a way to split the file or upload it to a site that isn’t youtube (It’s over 2gigs in size and 30mins long), I can’t post it. I feel so lucky that I was able to attend, and meet some of my favorite bloggers. Everyone really was so incredibly nice!

View the rest of the photos here.

All photos and content ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost
Please do not use with out my permission!

10 thoughts on “Independent Fashion Bloggers “Evolving Influence” Conference

  1. Rach, I would die if you were able to do that! They did have live streams during the conference but I think I was….busy? It’s so exciting you got to meet and chat with so much of the blog royalty!


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