Christian Siriano Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show

Christian Siriano 9

On the Friday afternoon of fashion week, I attended Christian Siriano’s fashion show. I was one of the last photographers in–the show is so popular, a lot ended up getting shut out. I heard rumblings of the same thing happening last season, which makes me think he really should be showing in the tent, Bryant Park’s largest space.

I knew it was going to be an “interesting” show to shoot as soon as I walked in. Not only did I have to squeeze myself in to the pit, earning an awkward left corner spot, but a haze permeated the air that could only mean one thing: a fog machine. AKA my worst nightmare when it comes to both fashion shows and concerts. Once the show actually started, I nearly screamed: The lights were BLUE. Combined with the fog, I had a lot of trouble metering my shots, and with only a few seconds to secure a photo of each look, I knew everything was going to end up looking like I’d shot it under the sea. The end results are images that are somewhat blurred and ghostly, but I like it.

Christian Siriano 2

Christian Siriano 5

The overall show was very festive and exciting, but most of the clothing was not my style. Christian was influenced by the retro styles of 1950’s and 1960’s French women. While classics like suits and shift dresses were updated with sparkling accents, I could appreciate the looks but probably would not wear them myself.

Christian Siriano 3

Christian Siriano 6

The gowns however, I would wear, if I only had the time and place.

Christian Siriano 7

Christian Siriano 8

Christian Siriano 15

The show closer
Christian Siriano Finale Dress

Christian Siriano 18

View the entire photo set here.

All photos/content ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost


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