Frank Tell Fall/Winter 2010

Frank Tell 37

Last Friday, I attended my first MILK studios fashion presentation, Frank Tell. I admit I wasn’t previously familiar with the 23 year old designer’s line. I actually first came across his name during my nyfw planning stages while researching new/young/up and coming designers to check out. I liked what I saw of his past collections (there are only 4 so far), so I requested an invitation. Once I arrived and the presentation began, I was extremely glad I had!

Frank Tell: Sneak Peak

The collection consisted mostly of black and neutrals, with a sprinkling of icy gray and robin’s egg blue sweaters thrown in to shake things up. Sleek leather jackets covered in buckles and grommets, leather and suede dresses and scarves (some stamped with gator skin patterns) complimented chunky knit sweaters and skirts, and jodhpur style pants.

Frank Tell 30

Frank Tell 36

Frank Tell 35

The knits were absolutely amazing–not only did they look like they would actually keep you warm, but loosely knit fringes and multicolored yarn updated Granny’s favorite sweaters with out verging too far into Rodarte-esque spiderweb knit territory.

Frank Tell 33

Frank Tell 8

Frank Tell 27

Among the guests attending, there was a quite a bit of whispering about the shoes–turns out they were specially created for Frank Tell by Paris-based shoe designer Raphael Young.

Frank Tell 23

See the presentation’s finale below:

View the entire photo set here.

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