Diane von Furstenberg f/w 2010

DVF 31

On Valentine’s day, Diane von Furstenberg presented her fall/winter 2010 collection in Bryant Park. The show was totally packed, and I was lucky to even get in to the photo pit. Entrance was highly regulated by staffers at the tents, with only “A Group” photographers from places like Getty Images and Women’s Wear Daily getting in at first. But I (just barely) made it, and found myself a spot to the extreme right of the runway. At an odd angle for a show with a double runway, but I made it work.

DVF 21

A lot of the resulting photos weren’t as perfect as I would have liked, but the show was beautiful, with gorgeous clothing as usual, and some of the top models in the industry walked in it.

DVF 10
Coco Rocha.

DVF 11
Abbey Lee Kershaw in an amazing dress.

Rachel Zoe was there, as seen peeking out behind the models:
DVF 26

DVF 14

When I first arrived, I nearly walked right in to Patricia Field. Here she is admiring the collection:
Patricia Field at DVF
Love her witchy hat!

Molly Sims was also there:
Molly Sims at DVF
Love her sweater, but I’m so over her. She’s everywhere, and why? The woman will show up to the opening of an envelope.

DVF 13

In my eyes, Diane can really do no wrong when it comes to making women’s clothes. She’s been doing this forever, and is one designer I truly feel always understands what a woman wants. Season after season I find myself lusting over at least half a dozen of her dresses. Trends may come and go, and Diane not only keeps up, but starts many trends of her own.

More beautiful dresses:


DVF 28

And a slippery runway:
Falling Model at DVF

At the end, Diane and her creative director took a lap around the runway:

Stopping to hug her grandchildren:

Rachel clapping:
Rachel Zoe at DVF


Diane’s Manifesto:
DVF Manifesto

Packing up the clothes:

All Photos and Content ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost.

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