Jeremy Laing Fall/Winter 2010

Jeremy Laing 1
The green dress is my favorite.

After attending the Frank Tell presentation at MILK on February 12th, my friend Vyque and I decided to stop by Jeremy Laing right down the hall. The presentation was almost over, but we managed to catch the last set of looks before it ended.

Jeremy Laing 2

Jeremy Laing 3

Lots of draping, leather, and fur:
Jeremy Laing 5

Jeremy Laing 6

I liked what I saw, even if it was only a portion of the many looks. (After reading through the show’s program it sounds like we missed a LOT of fur!!) I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Jeremy, and hopefully can catch his whole presentation next season.

Designer Jeremy Laing
Jeremy doing an interview after the presentation.

All Photos and Content ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost

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