Betsey Johnson Fall/Winter 2010

Betsey Johnson 22

I’d been meaning to wait to post about the Betsey Johnson show until after I’d uploaded the youtube video of the full show. But I still haven’t gotten around to splitting the 20+ minute video into smaller portions. So here is the first half of my coverage of the Valentine’s day fashion show:

Betsey Johnson 1

When I arrived at the Altman building, after a short mix up where my name couldn’t be found on the list, I was given a standing ticket. Fast forward to right before the show started, and there were still some empty seats. I snagged a second row seat, which turned out to be right behind Betsey’s family!

Betsey Johnson 2

The show began with “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra and was opened by Kelly Osbourne strutting down the straw covered runway. The mood was one of the happiest of any nyfw show I’ve ever attended. The first round of models carried fake guns and were accessorized to look like Cowboys. Gun-printed blazers and tops completed the look. Shortly after, the Indians came out, followed by Banditos, and “Brothelettes”.

Betsey Johnson 6
Masked Models.

Betsey Johnson 7
A Model with a Thigh Holster.

It was rather hard to both film the show and take photos, so I didn’t shoot every look. I was a bit worried during the show. However seeing them now, I actually love the silhouette look of the photos I got, compared to the traditional end of runway, straight on shots.

After quite a variety of masked and decorated characters, the more formal dresses (the “Madames”) began to appear:

Betsey Johnson 8

Betsey’s usual emphasis on tutus and ballerina inspired prom looks was absent in favor of more sleek satin rufffled and bustled dresses and coats.

Betsey Johnson 10

More velvet for fall! With a slightly Victorian twist.
Betsey Johnson 13
I Love It!

Betsey Johnson 12
Chiffon and Velvet Dress.

Betsey Johnson 11
Another interpretation in the same textured fabric.

After the last of the formal wear–Kelly Osbourne in a black lace wedding dress, the runway briefly darkened. When the lights came back on, they showcased a touching tribute to Alexander McQueen (a last minute addition by Betsey):

Betsey Johnson 15

Betsey Johnson 5
Members of the audience clapped and cheered, and were visibly moved by the tribute.

The happy mood continued when a group of 4 models flipped up their coat tails to reveal the word “love” on their bloomers:
Betsey Johnson 17

Finally, Betsey herself appeared, dressed like a jail bird, and dancing down the runway. First she stopped to give stylist Patricia Field a quick twirl:

Betsey Johnson 18

Then she continued her waltz, finishing with her traditional cartwheel at the end of the runway:

Betsey Johnson 3

Betsey Johnson 4
Betsey Greeting Her Daughter and Granddaughter.

For their final lap around the runway, a parade of models came out dancing with giant inflatable hearts, and were greeted by a standing ovation:
Betsey Johnson 20

Betsey Johnson 21
Some Played Volleyball With the Hearts!

Betsey Johnson 23

Betsey Johnson 26

Betsey Johnson 29
Betsey Dancing With the Models.

Betsey Johnson 31

This season, Betsey’s biggest inspiration was her own design archive.* The collection of classic prints, stripes, formal dresses of all types, and velvet mixed Betsey’s greatest hits with the best of fall 2010’s trends. All of it being presented in such a fun, exciting manner (in one of the longest, most unique runway shows I’ve ever attended) insured Betsey Johnson was a fashion week favorite for me!

All Content and Images ®2010 RS/The Greyest Ghost

3 thoughts on “Betsey Johnson Fall/Winter 2010

  1. Wow! Great coverage! The show looked amazing!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, it’s great!! Keep up the great work!!!



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