L.A.M.B. Pink Etoile Hobo

l.a.m.b,etoile,the greyest ghost

My dream bag, that I’ve wanted since seeing photographs of it last September at the l.a.m.b presentation (which I posted about here), has finally arrived!

l.a.m.b,etoile,the greyest ghost
Closer View.

I pre-ordered the neon pink hobo from my friend Erica’s awesome Chicago area boutique Tenacity. Tenacity always stocks the newest and best l.a.m.b bags (and clothing!). Looks like the Etoile was so popular it’s already sold out at Tenacity, but you can still snag a few of the smaller pink bags in different styles.

The bag is made of buttery soft logo embossed leather. Shopbop has the pink Etoile still in stock here.
l.a.m.b,etoile,the greyest ghost

The best thing about this bag: the blinding pink color. Stock photos are not doing this bag justice. It will get you noticed. I carried mine last week when I went to see Alice and Wonderland, and got stares left and right on the subway. The Etoile is also HUGE. It’s 13×16! Pink bags seem to be “in” every spring, but this is seriously the definitive pink handbag. I’m going to be carrying this baby for a long time.

l.a.m.b,etoile,the greyest ghost
A More Accurate Representation of the Color.

Bonus: My first giveaway!!! This weekend, one lucky commenter will win a one time use 30% off code from shopbop to buy their own lamb bag, or other goodies! Code is good until 3/31/10, and will be emailed to the winner on Saturday.


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