True Blood Returns!

Last week, it was announced that season 3 of True Blood (one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows!) will be premiering Sunday, June 13th on HBO. Today, the first promo poster was posted over at Entertainment Weekly.

true blood,the greyest ghost

Season 2 is currently re-running every Sunday night on HBO. With short sneak peaks of season 3 airing immediately after the episodes!

The first season 3 teaser:

If like me, you’re also a big fan of the books that inspired the series, you can catch author Charlaine Harris signing the newest book in the addictive Sookie Stackhouse series, “Dead in the Family” on May 4th at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, NYC.

true blood,the greyest ghost,charlaine harris,barnes and noble,nyc

More info here.


2 thoughts on “True Blood Returns!

  1. I’m waiting for True Blood Season 3 too!
    But in Italy it will arrive later than in USA..):
    And also the 10th book.. I hope will arrive the english version on 4th May in Italy too..


  2. Tee hee I’ve been following the “characters” on Twitter and some of them are totally hilarious and over the top.

    I cannot wait for Season 3! I think TB is my favorite show to ever air.


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