The Greyest Ghost in Grazia!

As some of you may have read on my twitter, my behind the scenes photos from the Chanel ad campaign have been picked up by not one, not two, but THREE international editions of GRAZIA. One won’t be out until next week (GRAZIA Middle East edition), but two issues are out now, and currently available on newsstands in their respective countries.

There is a 2 page spread, and short Q&A with me in this week’s issue of GRAZIA UK:
Grazia,The Greyest Ghost
April 12th issue.

And another feature in GRAZIA Australia:
Grazia,The Greyest Ghost
(99% Sure this is the right cover!)

I haven’t had any luck tracking down the Australian edition. If anyone spots it, please let me know! Grazia UK is available in larger magazine shops in NYC– but most stock it a week after it’s initial release. I hear it arrives in stores Tuesday. I’ll be hunting down copies for my entire family! The images have drawn a LOT of interest. I’ve been a bit busy dealing with all of it and the may opportunities its provided. So excited to have my hard work pay off, and have some of my images published again!

Thanks Grazia!!


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