Matt Bernson Sample Sale

My favorite sample sale of the year is back! Matt Bernson holds hands down the best sample sales I’ve ever been to. $165+ sandals on sale for $40! Last Fall, there was no bi-annual sale– and I was very sad. But I just received an email announcing the spring sale!

Matt Bernson,The Greyest Ghost

I own about 9 pairs of Matt’s sandals (and one pair of gorgeous ballet flats). All were purchased over the last 2 years at his sales! You can’t beat the prices and selection. At last year’s spring sale, every style was available in multiple sizes and colors. These shoes are handmade! And ridiculously comfortable. They’re pretty much all I wear in the summer time.

Matt Bernson,The Greyest Ghost
A few pairs of the Matt Bernson sandals & flats that I own.

I Can’t wait for this sale!!

Follow Matt on twitter for more news and deals.

2 thoughts on “Matt Bernson Sample Sale

    • Awww, I think you would love it here! There is seriously always something fun to do. I don’t think you can be bored in nyc. And a lot of times I have to pick and choose what I wanna do because there is TOO MUCH going on! I’ve been here 4 years now, and moving here was the best decision I ever made. I don’t think there is anywhere else on Earth with so many opportunities available.


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