Coming Soon: Event Photos!

The past two weeks I’ve been busy attending some pretty spectacular events, and gone on a few fun photo expeditions. Which of course means the rest of my life would decide to pick up speed at the same time and disrupt my posting schedule. I’m a bit behind on blogging now, with sorting through a couple hundred photos and catching up with some personal things I have going on. All while trying to plan my upcoming birthday party, and a trip to Brimfield.

Here are a few sneak peaks of whats to come in the following days once things slow down:

Charlaine Harris Signing 4
Charlaine Harris Book Signing at Barnes and Noble.

Charlaine Harris Signing 7
Me, Very Excited to Have My Book!

Jet & Aneta
Behind the scenes of a film by Aneta Genova of Bobbin Talk.

Jet & Dolly 5
The Film’s Stars.

Martha Stewart Show Studio
My Visit to the Martha Stewart Show!

Hole 2
Courtney Love, of Hole, at at Terminal 5.


4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Event Photos!

  1. Ooh, Dead in the Family, you got it! 🙂 And saw Charlaine Harris! Envious! I have to reread the last couple 2 books before I let myself buy this one because they are all kind of a blur to me…I remember…fairy wars? And not much else! Watching True Blood has totally skewed my memories of the series towards the beginning.


    • Yea! I’ve been so busy I haven’t even started reading yet, but I’m so excited for it! Charlaine was adorable. So funny too! I think reading the books all at once and watching the show has confused me as well. I need to read a wiki page about them to remember it all. : )


  2. with all the events how do you have time to blog it up! hehe! looks so fun! i love Courtney I have been a fan since the 90s!


    • Thanks! It is hard to keep up when so many things happen back to back. I’m slowly getting there now though.

      I’ve been a Courtney fan since the 90’s too! It’s crazy to see her back in the spotlight again.


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